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Month: August 2017

Fall Series Announced

We are excited to announce our fall preaching series.  Called “War & Peace in Life,” we will look at how we handle conflict and how we make peace.  The goal will be to embed Peacemaking principles into our church.  This should be a good way to help us in our personal lives as well as making sure we preserve good unity in our fellowship.

The weekly titles are:

  1. War is Easy, Peace is Hard
  2. The Silver Lining of Conflict
  3. The Single Thing
  4. Pleading the 5th
  5. Everyone’s a Critic
  6. Flag on the Play
  7. Power Up

We hope you will join us starting September 10th (in the new auditorium).

August Mini-Series

With the conclusion of our Questions series this week, we would like to give you a sneak peek at the two-part series that will launch next week before Ira goes on vacation.  It is designed to get us thinking about our Fall ramp-up as we prepare to move into our new facility, implement the Assessment Prescriptions, and further pursue our focus on “His Mission, Our Mission, My Mission.”

The series, called “The Goal,”  will help us begin to focus on that mission.  Stay Tuned!!