Pastoral Staff

Pastor: Rev. Ira A. Hall

Ira has served as Senior Pastor of Bean’s Corner since December of 2006.  He served as Youth/Associate Pastor for the 10 previous years.  He and his wife Sarah have a daughter and three sons.      Ira & Sarah have a strong passion for the youth ministry and Direct Camp Berea in North Turner, Maine.    Their focus at Bean’s Corner includes encouraging a Great Commission Mission for the church, pursuing a team approach to ministry through disciple-making, and strengthening the love-relationships between the members of the church family.

With the growing number of young children in the church, the children’s ministry is also a focus of the Halls and the other parents.

Ira is a graduate of Lancaster Bible College.  He is a popular chapel and conference speaker and continues to work with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of UMF, where he previously served as staff member (98-02).

Ira’s greatest joy is spending time with his family.    You can connect to Ira on Facebook if you have a profile.