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Month: November 2019

What’s the Plan?

Here’s your sneak peek for our next series that will carry us through the Christmas season.  “God’s Plan A, Our Plan B” will start in Genesis and try to figure out what the Tree of the Knowlege of Good and Evil was all about and why such a simple thing was able to send the whole world into such a mess.  We’ll see what went into the Fall of mankind and the results.   We’ll then look at the results as we try to figure out whether we are now working on a legal standard with the Law and if that was God’s plan all along with us needing to look like Jesus.

Having looked at what we think we need to do, the series will then look at what God intended, what He did in response to our struggling and the steps God took to resolve the conflicts we created.  It will end with the birth of a baby that will be the center of a huge plot to change mankind for good.

We hope you’ll join us for this series as we examine the very way we approach this world, life, and God and perhaps learn something new and surprising.

Part 1-Debugging the Decision Tree

Part 2-Is it Legal?

Part 3-Looking Good?

Part 4-Unnatural Adaptation

Part 5-Make Up Test

Part 6-A Plan Comes Together