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Welcome to Bean’s Corner Baptist Church

We are a Bible-centered church located at 17 Chesterville Road near the intersection of   Rt. 133 & Rt 156 in Jay, ME.  We are a community of people seeking to know Jesus, respond to His love and forgiveness, and share that love and forgiveness with others.

We ARE holding in-person services w/full precautions. 8 AM & 10:30 AM (lots of room at 8 AM)
***At this time, per state order, we ask that anyone attending a worship service or community group, please wear a mask while in the building or parking lot.***

Reserve a Sunday Seat

During the Current Closure we are streaming online Sundays at 10:30 AM
You can watch right here, or on our FB page:

Ways We are Gathering


As we seek to gather together this fall we have implemented a color coded system to help you decide what kind of groups or communities you feel comfortable attending. All groups and activities will fall into one of three colors. Orange groups have the least amount of precautions taken and will pose the highest risk. Yellow groups will seek to follow precautions where possible but will still pose some risk. And finally purple groups will follow all precautions and distancing requirements posing the least risk.


Minimal to no precautions.
No masks & distancing.
Precautions as possible.
Masks or distancing most of the time.
Some risk.
Full precautions.
Masks & distancing, Zoom, high concern.
Minimal risk.

Our Current Series