Sunday Messages

1/7/18 – The Right Fight – Notes
1/14/18 – The Long Game
2/4/18 – Pain & Agony – Notes
2/11/18 – No Show

1/21/18 – My Assignment
1/28/18 – Salt & Light
2/4/18 – Amazing Change


12/31/17 – Old & New – Notes


12/3/17-We AreNotes
12/10/17-Light Fruit
12/17/17-Weak Lanterns, Bright Light – Notes
12/24/17-4 AM – Notes


11/12/17-An Unexpected AnswerNotes


11-5-17 – Living Sacrifice (Keith Lawrence)

10-29-17 – Finding Our VoiceNotes


9/10/17-War is Easy, Peace is Hard – Notes
9/17/17-The Silver Lining of Conflict – Notes
9/24/17-The Single Thing – Notes
10/1/17-Pleading the Fifth – Notes
10/8/17-Everyone’s a Critic – Notes
10/15/17-Flag on the Play – Notes
10/22/17-Power Up – Notes

9/3/17-Your Destination with God – Rick Utenis

8/27/17-Shine or Sour – Keith Lawrence


8/13/17-Upward Call
8/20/17-Missing the Shot


6/11/17- Can’t We All Get Along?
6/18/17- Is Anything Sacred?
6/25/17- Who’s in Charge Here?
7/2/17- What is Truth?
7/9/17- Is Faith Blind & Stupid?
7/16/17- Why Does Stuff Happen?
7/23/17- Is God Angry?
7/30/17- When is the End?
8/6/17- What’s Up With Me?


5/7/17-Preparation Matters
5/14/17-Under Threat
5/28/17-Back to Basics
6/3/17-Not Happily Ever After


4/9/17-For This Purpose (Palm Sunday)
4/14/17-The Cut of the Cross (Good Friday)
4/16/17-Here and There (Easter)
4/23/17-Light and Dark
4/30/17-Glory and Hope


2/26/17-I Remember The Time…
3/12/17-Ready, Set…
3/19/17-Right Man for the Job
3/26/17-A Complication


1/8/17-Good and Dead
1/15/17-We Hold These Truths…
2/5/17-It’s Him or Me
2/12/17-The Smell of Life
2/19/17-The Whole Message of This Life

1/29/17-Our Opportunity (Keith Lawrence)



11/27/16-Hope With Us-Hope
12/4/16-Talk With Us-Preparation
12/11/16-Speak With Us
12/18/16-Stand With Us
12/24/16 (Christmas Eve)-Be With Us
1/1/17-Right Way, Wrong Way



10/30/16-Old News
11/6/16-True News
11/13/16-Live News
11/20/16-Hard News



8/21/16-Known (Pre-Series Intro)
9/11/16-Dark Heart
9/18/16-God’s Heart
10/2/16-Guarded Heart
10/9/16-Heart Work
10/16/16-Heart Outbound


8/28/16-Confession: Rev. David Forsythe, CB Northeast
9/4/16-God’s Building: Rev. Keith Lawrence
9/25/16-Aliens: Doug Twitchell


7/3/16-Our Identity
7/17/16-Stand Apart
7/25/16-Under Pressure
7/31/16-Everything Included
8/14/16-The End


5-22-16 Faith
5-29-16 Vision
6-5-16 Perspective
6-12-16 Faithfulness
6-19-16 Press On



4-10-16 Past is Prologue
4-17-16 Waiting
4-24-16 Holding onto Hope
5-1-16 Fixed Hope
5-8-16 Final Hope



3-6-16 Missed Warnings
3-13-16 Fruit
3-20-16 One
3-27-16 A Likely Story-Easter


2-7-16 Expectation
2-14-16 One & the Same
2-21-16 The Prize
2-28-16 Hearts & Minds