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Month: October 2019

Stand in the Gap Night

“Life is messy, let’s do it together” has become one of our unofficial motto’s as we come together to learn Christ, grow closer to Him and more like Him, and figure out how to yield to Him, especially through some of the tougher times of life.  We have many in our family who are going through times of struggle, hardship and pain.  Marriages struggling or being torn apart, the loss of children or other loved ones, economic, mental, emotional, physical struggles are all going on in our midst.

Saturday night we come together to help fulfill the command to “bear one another’s burdens and thus fulfill the law of Christ” and weep with those who weep.   We will pray for one another and stand up before God for one another.  Intercession is crucial to our love for one another.

So a meal, music that helps orient our hearts and minds toward the work of God, and then prayer for one another as we corporately care for each other.  If you are part of us, I pray you will join the Body coming together this Saturday night for one of the most important aspects of being the Church.