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Who We Are & What We Believe

We Believe:

  • The Bible is the Word of God, inspired, inerrant, & completed.
  • God is One God, existing in three persons, Father, Son, & Holy Spirit
  • Jesus is the Messiah, God incarnate, Son of God who died & rose again to secure salvation for those who put their faith in Him
  • The Church is all those who have come to saving faith in Christ.  The church is called out to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom until Christ returns.

Our Mission:

  • We exist to obey the mandate from Jesus as head of the church to Make Disciples, baptizing & teaching.
  • We seek to embody the Good News of the Kingdom in our community by showing the love, grace, & mercy of Jesus among those who do not know of His gift of salvation
  • Our unity is derived through our commitment to the Mission to proclaim the Gospel.  In other areas, we show charity toward secondary issues that individuals may differ in.

Our Association Identity: