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Elena Bogdan – Romania for Jesus  – Romania


P.O. Box 370385

Denver, CO 80237

Elena Bogdan is the founder and president of Romania for Jesus. She started her ministry in Southern Romania in 1990, right after the fall of communism. The main focus of her ministry is evangelism, discipleship, church planting and leadership training. The Lord has greatly blessed her efforts by planting many new churches in Southern Romania, both in the Romanian and in the Gypsy communities. In addition, He has also raised national leaders who are now partnering with her in reaching Romania for Jesus.

If you desire to support this ministry, you may send your contribution to the address above.

James & Donelle Morrell – Gospel Mission of So. America – Argentina

James  and  Donelle  Morrell  are  excited  in  seeing  God  working  in  the  lives  of  youth in  Argentina  where  they  also  have  conferences  and  retreats.  There  is  a  great  opportunity  for  souls  to  be  saved  there.

Ituzaingo 207

6620 Chivilcoy, BsAs, Argentina

telepone 54 2346682501

Steve & Melinda Hoyt – Christian Engineering International – Uganda

Steve  and  Melinda  Hoyt  are  serving  in  Kenya,  Africa,  where  Steve  has  a position  at  Rift  Valley  Academy  with  EMI  (engineering  ministries  international).  Steve  will  continue  his  work in Kenya  as  he  did  in Uganda,  to  raise  up  a  group of  men  who  can  impact  their  communities  for  Christ  as  he  teaches  them  work  skills  and  helping  with their  Spiritual  growth,  at  the  same  time   allowing  the  family  to  live  together  while  the  girls  attend  high  school there.

Physical address in Kenya:

Rift Valley Academy

Atten: Steve Hoyt

PO Box 80.

Kijabe 00220, Kenya

 World office address for giving:

 Engineering Ministries International

130 East Kiowa, Suite 200

 Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Website: (offers online giving and email sign up form)

Blog: (come read past updates from our years in Uganda and watch our videos)

Paul  & Vicki Young – Chalk Artists  Drawing Others to Christ– So. Africa

Paul  and  Vicki  Young   are  spreading  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ      as  chalk  art  evangelists. They  are  allowed  to  minister  to  public  schools  freely  as  well  as  prisons,  reaching  1,000s  of  children  and  adults  daily  on the  continent  of  Africa.  The  schools  are  huge  so they  are  able  to  reach  more  than  one  daily  and  are  welcomed  in  prisons,  too. Please  see  in order  to  view  their  website  and  blog.

Please send support to:

Hilda Clough 121 Star Hill Rd.

Waterboro, ME 04087

Please send mail to:

57 Windemere Rd.,

Muizenberg, Western Cape, South Africa 79445

 David & Katrina Hasbrouck – Spain

David  and  Katrina  Hasbrouck  do media production and ministry in Spain.

C. Compositor; Lehmberg Ruiz 11A

29007 Malaga, Spain


Ernest & Tina Jones – ETHNOS360 – Missionary Technology – Missouri 

Ernest  and  Tina  Jones – Ernest   teaches  Advanced  Missionary  Technology  courses  at  the  Missionary  Training  Center  in  Roach,  Missouri to  prepare  Tech  Specialists  who  will  assist  missionaries.   Their  goal  is  to help  missionary  candidates  qualify  technically  and  spiritually  before  they  go  to  the  foreign  field, teaching  faithful  men  and  women  to  teach  others  in  the  regions  beyond.

134 Main St.

Roach, MO 65787

Marco & Jenni Gudino – Biblical Ministries – Mexico

Marco  and  Jenni  Gudino – The  Gudinos  are  doing  church  planting  in  Guadalajara,  Mexico.   They  hold  youth  meetings, VBS  for  children,  meet  with   family  groups  in  their  own  home  ,  and  hold  church  services  in  the  area  with the  blessings  of  the  Lord  Jesus  as  they  seek  to  acquaint  these  people  with  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  and  His  salvation.

Apartado Postal #34

Ciudad Granja CP 45010

Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Duane & Miriam Mansveld – Missions Door – Montreal Street Ministry  

Duane  and  Miriam  Mansveld – The  Mansvelds  have  been  ministering  on  the  streets  of  Montreal,  with  their  local  church  and  then    as  street missionaries  for  the  French.  There  are  between  5,000  and  15,000  street  kids  in  Montreal.  The  moral,  spiritual,  and  ethical  needs  of  these  youth  are  immense,  not  to mention  emotional,  physical,  and  social  needs. The  Mansvelds  reach  out  to  these  kids  using Jesus’  ministry  as  an  example,  creating  trust  relationships  with  the  street youth  and  helping  them  respond  to  the  problems  they  face  every  day.

1707 Plessis

Montreal, Qu Canada H2L2X8

Mark & Suzi Ciliberti – Christar  – Texas

2125 Diane Dr.

Plano, TX 7507


Keith Jewett – Thrive At UMaine 

Jeremy & Sarah Brown – Camp Good News

Jeremy  and  Sarah  Brown   Jeremy  and  Sarah  welcome  children  and  teenagers  as  well  as  conference  groups  at  Camp  Good  News.  Sarah  is  the  cook   for  camp  and  the  many  conferences  as  well  as  both  summer  and  winter  activities,   and  Jeremy  makes  sure  everything,  and everyone,    is  safe  and  sound  as  well  as  teaching   skills  at  the  camp.


232 Campground Rd.

Livermore Falls, ME 04254

Camp Good News: Team Brown

413 Campground Rd

Livermore Falls, ME 04254


Blueberry Mt. Bible Camp Part of CEF

716 Phillips Rd

Weld, ME 04285-3030

Camp Berea – Wayne Farrington, President

PO Box 619

No. Turner, ME 04266

Child Evangelism Fellowship, Western Maine

PO Box 285

Livermore Falls, ME 04254

First Step Pregnancy Resource Center- Bangor

336 Mt. Hope Ave Suite 8

Bangor, ME 04401   1-207-942-1611

Maine Family Policy Council (Christian Civic League)

70 Sewall St.

Augusta, ME 04330