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  1. Western Maine Homeless Outreach

    I wanted to reach out to you and share some resources you may or may not know about. Last week WMHO learned that the Maine Housing Authority’s new Home to Stay Navigator Program is designed to help anyone we can find who is homeless. (Even if they are living under a bridge or in the woods) However, due to the very limited funding at WMHO, our Navigators can’t go out and seek those who could use help. But if you hear of anyone who has been served eviction papers or has been warned that an eviction process is in the near future (21 days or less) we can help them find help and start the housing voucher application process. This also holds true for anyone who is receiving General Assistance to pay for their hotel room.
    WMHO is also encouraged to let people who don’t fit the criteria for a “family shelter” guest live out of their car in the shelter parking lot. If they stay there at least three different nights, a Navigator will be assigned to them in order to point them to services and try to help them get a housing voucher.
    Today, we renewed a connection with Catholic Charities of Maine PATH Providers. (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness)

    The nice thing about their program, is they have the funding to help collaborate services and reach out to people who do not meet the criteria for homeless shelter guests or they choose to avoid staying in a shelter. This includes working with the Warden Services in order to try and identify people who are living in the woods. If you hear of anyone who is in need and wants to help themselves, please let us know by calling 779-7609.

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