Old & New

After several years of blogging, life suddenly took two left turns and my blogging ways came to an end.  The desire never went completely away, however, and moving forward I’m excited to return to blogging.

When I started blogging, I lived across from the church and watched a lot of life happen out of the window in my office.  “Pastor’s Window” seemed like an appropriate name as a metaphor for watching everything happen.

Two & half years ago we moved.  Life has brought a lot of major changes in my life and the life of the church.  I find myself in a new place both physically, and metaphorically.  My “view” has changed a bit.

So its time to relaunch.  No longer do I see the church building and a busy parking lot when I look out my window.  I see trees, and sometimes a glimpse of mountains.  So instead of “Pastor’s Window” now the blog is “The View from Zions Hill”.

If you are interested in reading some of my old posts, the old blog still exists and can be found here: http://www.beanscorner.org/blogs/

Onward and forward!

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  1. So many other changes too – growing family at home and at church. You do well to find time to blog at all, but we love hearing your feelings on it all.

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